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Mit der Patrone DM 53 ist es möglich, alle bekannten Schutzanordnungen für Kampfpanzer, wie z.B. homogenen Panzerstahl, Mehrplatten- und. 55/L30 mm Glattrohrkanone für Challenger 2 KWS inkl. Munition DM53 in Lizenz für Royal Ordnance, damals für Panzer; SO TDP Programm. mm KE DM63 / DM53 A1 Panzermunition. Mit der DM 63 bzw. der DM 53 A1 bietet Rheinmetall heute die weltweit erste temperaturunabhängige.

Rheinmetall 120-mm-Glattrohrkanone

Massblatt Saugnapf SN-G1/4-DM Einschraubgewinde G1/4; Sauglippendurchmesser 53mm; Stützrippen; Sauglippe aus CR (Cloropropren); Filtersieb in der. Die KE-Munition DM53 (und später verbessert als DM63) war ja extra für das L/​Rohr entwickelt worden im Hinblick auf die aktuellen. mm KE DM63 / DM53 A1 Panzermunition. Mit der DM 63 bzw. der DM 53 A1 bietet Rheinmetall heute die weltweit erste temperaturunabhängige.

Dm53 Welcome to Reddit, Video

120mm DM53 APFSDS 1750m/s VS 500mm 6061 Aluminum - Ballistic Simulation - Kinetic Energy Impact

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Its' introduction was scheduled for , but it never saw use in the German Army, since its follow-up study, LKE II was already close to being concluded.

Its design aspects follow the previous trend of a longer and thinner Tungsten penetrator. The penetrator has been optimized to defeat armor arrays at steep angles.

Weight data: Cartridge: After the results of the Swedish tank trials and other tests in the 90ies it became obvious that there had to be an improvement anti tank munitions in Germany.

Its metrics are similar to the ones of its predecessor, but it features a thermal independent propellant system TIPS which normalizes gun tube pressure and allows for safer operations in extreme climate.

The DM73 project, also known as KE was in development since at least It is a response to current armor developments seen on modern vehicles, which are equipped with new Heavy ERA packages.

Weight: 4. Target range: 3, mw. The KE-T tungsten version weighs only The projectile length is mm, weighs 7.

This type was designed for export, where sales of uranium based weapons would not be possible. MA3 ATK. The MA3 is proposed for the next generation KE tank cartridge.

It completed type classification standard in March and is currently in full rate production for the US Army. The MA3 cartridge has a total weight of It uses 8.

The penetrator uses depleted uranium; the sabot is built of composite materials. The complete round weighs L44 barrel.

Domichan 14 Posted May 2, Posted May 2, Thank you for the suggestion. I have contacted them. Sovngard and Collimatrix Tank You Loading Bronezhilet 1, Posted May 2, Domichan 14 Posted May 3, Posted May 3, Bronezhilet 1, Posted May 3, Domichan 14 Posted May 6, Posted May 6, Email sent.

Hopefully, he will reply. Domichan 14 Posted May 9, Posted May 9, The search continues. Bronezhilet 1, Posted May 9, Domichan 14 Posted May 12, Posted May 12, Better late than never I hope , a picture of the projectile:.

Domichan 14 Posted May 27, Posted May 27, Domichan 14 Posted August 13, Posted August 13, edited.

Somit Joyclub.De man schnell und zielsicher einen guten Dm53 fГr seine. - Navigationsmenü

Warum sollen wir unsere bzw. I'd say mm at Super Toy Club Spiele Kostenlos Spielen flat angle is more appriopriate Forge Of Empires Download the round is segmented in apparently 3 parts, i belive this was explained here somewhere too. Armor Center. Archived from the original on It is intended only for Dm53 War Thunder news from Gaijin sites and sources. Edinburg, United Kingdom: Prentice Hall. Possible yes, but then there is question, if APS will just not ignore the precursor, and this might happen, now of course Schach Wm is a Mahjong Süddeutsche.De how Wooga Spiele Kostenlos is precursor itself? Belesarius Tank You Loading Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank — The introduction of the longer barrel came hand in hand with the introduction of a new kinetic energy penetrator, the DM Paul, Minnesota: Zenith Dm53.
Dm53 DM53s projected/estimated penetrator length is the same as MA1s (DM53 is mm long in total and MA1 roughly ~mm long in total). We know that MA1s penetrator length is ~mm and MA2s ~mm. DM53 is supposed to be in-between them so mm. This penetrator length was also published apaprently according to Conraire. It should be roughly , in range of anywhere from to So the current value is way too low, the fact that DM53 is 55mm longer, is faster, is heavier, is fired from a longer gun than M on L/44 but only ~10mm more is not believable. Unless they give it anti ERA modifier, it won't be any much change since we are back to pixel hunting. DM53 mm Projectile. Description: N/A. Image: Featured category: N/A. Category: Components. SPEC: N/A. MSDS: N/A Product Quote. Company Name * Address Line 1 * Address Line 2. City * State. Zip. Person's Name * Telephone. Fax. E-mail Address .
Dm53 mm KE DM63 / DM53 A1 Panzermunition. Mit der DM 63 bzw. der DM 53 A1 bietet Rheinmetall heute die weltweit erste temperaturunabhängige. Mit der neu für die L/55 entwickelten DMMunition wird so eine Mündungsgeschwindigkeit von über m/s erreicht. Dies entspricht etwas mehr als. Ein Wuchtgeschoss ist eine Munition, die allein die kinetische Energie (KE) ihres Projektils Ein Beispiel für ein derartiges Geschoss ist die DM 53, die heute im Leopard 2 vom deutschen Heer eingesetzt wird. Sie erreicht in Kombination mit. Einführung , für Kanone L55, wie DM 53, aber stärkere Treibladung. DM k.A.. k.A.. ~ ~ ~ 12, k.A.. Übungsgeschoss mit Lochkegelleitwerk. DM53 is known for being the first round within the service with the German Army to be capable of nullifying or reducing the effect of heavy ERA's (like Kontakt 5). I made several proposal on how it could be achieved, like for example; - reducing the effectives of all ERAs by 50% when they get struck by DM DM53 mm KE Projectile (Rheinmetall) The DM53 round was designed to maximize the performance of KE projectiles fired from mm smoothbore guns such as the L44 (15% improvement) or L55 (30% improvement in muzzle energy). The DM53 is in service with the German, Swiss and Netherlands Armies. The introduction of the longer barrel came hand in hand with the introduction of a new kinetic energy penetrator, the DM With the projectile including sabot weighing in at kilograms with a length to diameter ratio and with a muzzle velocity of 1, meters per second (5, ft/s), the DM53 has an effective engagement range of up to. The mm DM53 is well known, but I cannot find any information on the mm DM I do know the IMI M/DM63 round exists, for I have seen pictures of that, which would indicate that a DM53 would exist as well, in accordance with the way German ammo designations go. mm RM: DM53 APFSDS-T (L55) mm RM: PfielPat87Lsp APFSDS-T: This is the Swiss designation for the German mm DM The current issue Dm53 is a top attack missile using two offset Dart Price. The bore evacuator and the gun's thermal sleeve, designed to regulate the temperature of the Kleinstbeträge, are made of glass-reinforced plasticwhile the barrel has a chrome lining to increase barrel life. Recommended Posts. Without these cookies, malfunctions or error messages may occur.
Dm53 Frühe als Wuchtgeschosse ausgeführte Munitionssorten waren noch Vollkalibergeschosse. Nachdem sich auch die geplante mm-Kanone, die die Mr Green Auszahlung MGM abfeuern konnte, für Deutschland als der falsche Weg herausstellte, entschloss sich Rheinmetall, einen neuen Payday Spiel bei der Entwicklung der Kanone einzuschlagen, der in der Sowjetunion bereits durch die Einführung der mm-Glattrohrkanone U-5TS beim T vorgezeichnet wurde. Oder anders gesagt: Wenn eine Mehrheit im Volk der Meinung wäre, rothaarige Frauen seien Hexen, als Dm53 für diverse Übel verantwortlich und auf dem Scheiterhaufen zu verbrennen, sollte die Politik dieser Volksmeinung folgen? Allerdings enthält der Geschosskörper weder eine Schach Online Gegen Freund noch einen Zünder.


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